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Hi! I am Malavika,

a multidisciplinary designer who loves to tell stories through design. Whether for brands, interfaces or films, I have been creating compelling narratives through visual design for over 15 years. I believe my passion for simplifying ideas, expressing them visually, and communicating them in the simplest way possible has led me to enrich and inform my creative process every day.

With a background in Communication Design and a Masters in Production Design, I’ve honed my skills through diverse projects spanning design, commercial ventures, and feature films. Embracing design thinking, I advocate for accessibility and inclusion, recognizing them as core principles in fostering a conscious and sustainable world.

My previous experiences in Italy and India have equipped me with a global perspective, allowing me to deliver successful outcomes for clients across Europe, the USA, Japan, and India, resulting in tangible growth and mutually enriched our partnerships. Having recently moved to England, I am eager to offer creative solutions by being part of an exciting team and contributing in projects that make a difference.

Along with my design pursuits, I’m passionate about volunteering for non-profits care for equality and children. I find joy in exploring new cultures through travel, enriching my understanding of the world and fueling my creative endeavors.

Currently seeking job opportunities.

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Malavika Sohoni is a visual designer based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. She specializes in Branding, Graphics and Interface Design.